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Improving Your Holiday Property: The Art of Interior Design

The essence of any exceptional holiday property is its interior design. It plays a major role in transforming a holiday home into a ‘home-away-from-home’. As hosts, we want our guests to not only feel comfortable but to revel in their stay. To help you get more bookings, here are key tips for improving your property’s interior design.

1. Play with Colours

Colours set the stage for your property’s ambiance. Warm, neutral tones can cast a cosy, welcoming atmosphere that instantly invites relaxation. Opt for shades with red or orange undertones—these not only envelop the room with warmth but also highlight the room’s features, such as furniture or artwork. Remember, your colour palette should resonate with the character of your property and the surroundings.

2. Invest in Quality Furnishings and Accents

High-quality furniture doesn’t merely function; it tells a story and adds depth to your interior design. Particularly if you’re decorating a large space, solid, well-crafted furniture pieces can bring structure and elegance to the room.

Accessories, too, should not be overlooked. They are the finishing touches that breathe life and personality into a room. Handpick pieces that harmonise with your overall design—be it a vintage clock, colourful cushions, or a rustic vase—to make the space feel more warm and inviting.

3. Design for Living

Designing your property with functionality in mind makes it more appealing to guests. Strive to create designated areas for different activities, turning your property into a versatile haven for relaxation and entertainment.

For compact spaces, clever use of every inch is crucial. Consider crafting a cosy reading nook, complete with a plush armchair and soft cushions, inviting guests to unwind with a good book. Alternatively, set up an entertainment corner with bean bags and a TV, perfect for children or those big kids at heart.

In essence, enhancing your holiday property’s interior design is about marrying aesthetics with functionality. It’s about creating a space that not only looks good but feels like home. And ultimately, it’s about gifting your guests an unforgettable stay.

Laiks team is more than happy to help you with the interior design if needed.