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Laik Finds A New Home: The Journey of Our Victoria Street Office

Fresh beginnings often come with a tale, and ours is a journey of passion, perseverance, and a touch of paint! We’re excited to announce that Laik is setting roots at 4 Victoria Street, Windermere. This isn’t just a new office; it’s our commitment to embed ourselves further into the local community we love.

The Legacy of 4 Victoria Street

This charming spot was once the vibrant hub of Sally’s Cottages. But as the reins were handed over to a national agent, 4 Victoria Street was looking for new stories to tell. And what better narrative than Laiks’ journey?

A Vision in Pink

One of our most remarkable transformations has been the exterior. Out went the signature Sally’s red, and in its place, a soft, enticing Masquerade pink by Little Greene. The choice was more than just aesthetics; it echoed the Laiks’ vibe — warm, welcoming, and distinctly ours.

Windows to the World

The windows! Oh, they are simply fabulous! Not only do they let in streams of sunlight, but they also act as our canvas to the world. We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art advertisement screen to display our splendid Laik properties, ensuring each property is showcased in its full glory.

From Wiring to Lighting: The Heartbeat of Our Space

Every nook and cranny of this office has seen some form of transformation. The electric connections have been revamped, and while it may sound technical, the results will soon be dazzling. We’re buzzing with excitement to light up the space with our selection of quirky and stylish fittings.

Plaster and Paint: Giving Life to Walls

Having freshly plastered walls gives us a canvas to play with, and our next mission is to bring them alive with colours that resonate with our brand. We’re on the final leg of our journey, with the upcoming week promising paint, branding, and the welcoming of our desks into the space.

A New Chapter Begins

Our doors (and our fabulous windows) are always open for our cherished owners and guests. Come, be a part of our story.

Can’t wait to see our finished space? Stay tuned as we’ll be unveiling our renovated office soon, replete with the quintessential Laiks touch!