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Our Journey: The Laik Story

2017 How it started

Laik began with a single bell tent on a remote patch of land rented from a local farmer. We wanted to create the kind of unique experience we had growing up, camping wild in secluded spots that few people even knew existed. But we also wanted to add a bit of our own creativity and an extra dollop of style and comfort, plus the convenience of having everything set up and ready when our guests arrived.

2019 Changing tack

Despite a lot of very happy campers, permit issues and Cumbrian winters were limiting how far our fledgling business could grow. So, we started to branch out into more sturdy structures, starting with a friend’s 2-bed flat on the shores of Lake Windermere. We poured all our efforts into transforming it into something truly special, completely renovating, redecorating and kitting the place out with everything a guest could need.

We also upped our service game, giving proper northern welcomes and loads of local advice to help our guests ease into Lakes life.


People loved staying at our Windermere flat so much that we knew we were onto something. Today, we manage a portfolio of outstanding properties in some of our favourite spots in The Lakes, each designed, decorated and hosted with the same enthusiasm we had when setting up that first bell tent. We reckon nobody does the Lake District better. Happily, our guests tend to agree.