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Switching Gears: Moving from Another Agent to Laik

Making the move from one holiday letting agent to another can seem daunting. There are so many myths and concerns around the process. But what if we told you it could be smoother than you think?

Why Consider Moving to Laik?
There’s a buzz in the Lake District holiday letting community. More and more owners are turning their eyes to Laik, and here’s why:

  • Maximise Occupancy Levels: At Laik, we pride ourselves on helping owners achieve greater than 80% occupancy throughout the year.
  • Stand Out Properties: We believe every holiday home has its unique charm. We simply help amplify it.
  • Local Benefits: No one likes an empty building. With our strategies, we reduce the time properties remain unoccupied, benefitting both owners and the community.
  • Boosted Revenue and Reduced Hassles: Our streamlined process and unparalleled customer service mean reduced headaches for both owners and guests. Plus, our amazing reviews keep guests returning, season after season.

Managing Existing Bookings When Switching:
Transitioning to a new agent often brings up questions about existing bookings. At Laik, we’ve got it covered. We ensure a seamless move, addressing any forward bookings, ensuring no guest feels the pinch of change.

The Benefits of Being with Laik:

  1. Fair Pricing: Say goodbye to booking fees, hidden charges, and those pesky marketing fees. At Laik, transparency is our mantra.
  2. Local Charm: As a local team deeply entrenched in the Lake District community, our insight into the market is unparalleled, unlike many national agents who might miss the little details.

Laik’s Big Move:
Have you heard? We’re making a monumental move to Windermere High Street, taking over the space of the iconic former Sally’s Cottages. A step that signifies our commitment and growth in the Lake District community.

Owner Testimonials:

From Sam‘s joy at stellar monthly reports to Shiv and Ammi‘s delightful refurbishment journey, our partnership stories speak for themselves. Owners like Maria cherish the increasing return guests, while Lindsay raves about our design prowess. It’s no wonder Maureen entrusts us with two of her precious properties, and Alan… well, he seems to want a home makeover next!

Read detailed testimonials here for an intimate look at the Laik experience.

Switching agents doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Not when you have a team like Laik by your side. And for those on the fence, keep an eye out for a special new owner deal on the horizon. Ready to make the switch? Let’s chat!

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