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From Hidden to Dazzling: The Hillcrest Transformation Journey

Meet Hillcrest, our Bowness-on-Windermere project, transformed from dull to dazzling by Team Laik. Those old magnolia walls? Gone. Instead, think style, colour, and quality all the way. It’s not just us raving about it – our guests are too. This is the Laik touch, where ordinary turns into extraordinary!

Project Details

Let’s talk about Hillcrest, a hidden gem we uncovered back in 2018. This 2-bedroom charmer, cosily tucked away in Bowness-on-Windermere, was begging for some Laik love. With magnolia walls and mismatched feature walls, an outdated bathroom and budget furniture, Hillcrest was the perfect canvas for our creative minds.

Rolling up our sleeves, we whipped up a fresh colour scheme, waved goodbye to the old furniture and said hello to handpicked pieces that not only reflected the spirit of the Lakes, but also enhanced Hillcrest’s inherent charm. And that was just the beginning! We didn’t stop there but went on to assist the owners in designing an utterly swanky new bathroom, finally installed in early 2023.

Our Laik touch transformed Hillcrest in just 3 weeks, on a nifty budget of about £7k. The bathroom renovation took a little longer – 4 weeks of careful installation, plus a few months of design work and ordering beforehand, but the result, at a cost of around £14k, was worth every penny and every moment spent.

Have a peek at our before-and-after gallery below, showcasing Hillcrest’s journey from a diamond in the rough to a sparkling holiday retreat.

We’re mighty proud of the outcome and we can’t wait to help you make your own renovation dream a reality. Because here at Laik, we believe that everyone deserves a slice of the Lakes, served up in a holiday home that’s brimming with comfort, character, and our very own dash of northern hospitality.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Interior Redesign and Repainting
  • Complete Bathroom Transformation with a Fresh Design
  • New Furnuture Installations
  • Selection and Placement of Unique Finishing Touches
  • Entire Project Completed within an Impressive Timeline

Project Gallery


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