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Loughrigg Cottage Transformation: The Journey to Excellence

Loughrigg Cottage had stood empty for nearly 5 years. Laik managed the full refurbishment to bring this beautiful property back to life and create a tranquil space for our guests to enjoy.

New bathrooms, kitchen, terrace, flooring, heating system and interior decoration.

Designed, project managed, styled and fully furnished by Laik.

Project Details

In 2020, we undertook an ambitious project that was both a challenging and rewarding journey: the complete transformation of Loughrigg Cottage. Our vision was to maintain the property’s original charm while introducing modern comforts and features.

Our primary concern was ensuring the utmost comfort for our future guests. We started by overhauling the heating system, installing a new boiler that guarantees warmth and comfort year-round.

Next, we addressed the property’s flooring. Through meticulous planning and execution, we managed to replace all the old floors with new, high-quality materials that added to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the cottage.

A highlight of the renovation was the conversion of an attic space into an en-suite bathroom, a challenging task that required an intricate blend of architectural and design expertise. The result was a luxurious private space that provides our guests with an added layer of comfort and convenience.

In addition to these significant upgrades, we carefully curated the interior decor, selecting pieces that seamlessly blend the cottage’s traditional character with contemporary style.

Our efforts have culminated in Loughrigg Cottage being shortlisted as a finalist in Cumbria Tourism’s “Cottage of the Year” award. It’s an honour that stands as a testament to the dedication, hard work, and creativity that we poured into every detail of this transformation.

The project presented a unique opportunity to merge our passion for hospitality with our expertise in property renovation, resulting in a property that not only delights our guests but also serves as a benchmark for quality and excellence in the holiday let industry. The transformation of Loughrigg Cottage showcases the potential inherent in every property, given the right vision, skill, and respect for its original essence.

Key Features

  1. Heating System Overhaul: Introduced a new boiler ensuring warmth and comfort throughout the year.
  2. Flooring Upgrade: All old floors were replaced with high-quality materials, enhancing the cottage’s aesthetics and functionality.
  3. Attic Conversion: A major highlight was turning the attic space into an en-suite bathroom, blending architectural and design elements for added guest luxury and convenience.
  4. Interior Decor: Careful selection and curation of decor pieces to harmoniously unite the cottage’s traditional essence with a contemporary flair.
  5. Recognition: The renovation efforts led to Loughrigg Cottage being shortlisted as a finalist for the Cumbria Tourism’s “Cottage of the Year” award, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail in the transformation.
  6. Merging Passion & Expertise: The project served as a testament to the blend of Laik Ltd’s hospitality passion and their prowess in property renovation.

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