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Welcome to the Heart of Laik: Meet the Team!

Hello, Laik lovers! Ever wondered who’s behind those meticulously curated Lake District retreats you adore? Well, it’s time to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the wonderful folks making your staycation dreams come true. Our team at Laik is more than just colleagues; we’re a quirky family, each bringing our unique flavor to the mix. Here’s a little intro to each of us.

📞 Kate: The Heartbeat of Operations Kate, our Operations Manager, juggles guest relations, property upkeep, and baking the best cookies in the Lake District. She’s the warmth in our team, always ensuring everyone, from guests to owners, feels right at home.

💼 Pam: The Numbers Wizard Pam keeps our books tidy and our transactions sharper than a tack. She’s the problem solver who loves unwinding with a good glass of wine and planning her next travel adventure. Trust us, if there’s a financial puzzle to solve, Pam’s already on it.

🛠 Tadek: The Fix-It Master Tadek is our go-to maintenance maestro, with the ability to fix just about anything before you can say “Eagle and Child” (his favorite haunt). If there’s a squeaky hinge or a bulb that needs changing, Tadek’s your man, always ready with a toolbox and a smile.

🔧 Ana: The Glue That Holds Us Together As our Lettings Team Coordinator, Ana ensures everything runs smoothly. She’s the one making sure your holiday home is nothing short of perfect and books those all-important maintenance sessions. Outside of work, Ana’s a Salsa Queen, swirling through life with the same precision she applies to her job.

🔨 Seb: The Renovation Magician From sketchy outlines to fully-fledged renovations, Seb turns property dreams into reality. He’s our resident campervan enthusiast, collecting and restoring vans when he’s not casting spells over our holiday homes.

🪚 Mazzo: The Craftsman Our woodworking wizard, Mariusz, can find a second life for nearly any material. He’s the brain behind many of our bespoke fixtures and fittings, creating eco-friendly solutions that are as beautiful as they are functional.

And last but definitely not least…

👫 Niall & Marta: Our Fearless Leaders These two are the reason Laik exists. Niall, with his deep-rooted love for the Lakes, and Marta, with her eye for design, have combined their passions to create Laik. They’re the visionaries, the late-night planners, the first to arrive and the last to leave. Whether it’s recommending the perfect pub (Niall’s specialty) or onboarding new owners, they put their all into making Laik a reflection of the best the Lake District has to offer.

And guess what? Our family is growing! We’re thrilled to soon introduce Lucy, our in-house interior designer, who’ll be adding even more style and comfort to your favorite getaways.

Stay tuned for more from Laik, where every stay is crafted with love, creativity, and a touch of Lake District magic. Here’s to creating more unforgettable memories together!

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